The ‘Cutting Out’ Culture

The issue… It really does concern me the kind of information that is posted online, even on seemingly helpful ‘support groups’. I fully respect the aims of such groups and they can be a great network for individuals to share their thoughts with those in a similar situation. But that is also part of theContinue reading “The ‘Cutting Out’ Culture”

Challenging mental health stigma and our choice of words

These days there is generally more awareness around the impact of language and we have come a long way when you look back to previous times. However the issue still very much exists with 90% of people with mental health problems experiencing stigma. Words can be a barrier to people seeking help, or sharing theirContinue reading “Challenging mental health stigma and our choice of words”

Diabetes Prevention and my Involvement with this Innovative Project

The Diabetes Prevention Decathlon initially ran as a face-to-face pilot in January 2020. It was created through collaboration between different organisations as highlighted below: Background The Diabetes Prevention Decathlon is a guided 10 week programme, consisting of 1 hour group based interactive education delivered by a specialist dietitian (me!) and then 1 hour of physicalContinue reading “Diabetes Prevention and my Involvement with this Innovative Project”

A plea from a diabetes specialist dietitian

Throughout my experience as a dietitian, I have had many people walk through my door who are in an absolute panic and are feeling completely overwhelmed following their diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. They are already feeling unsure and anxious but a particular trigger, I have realised, is someone telling them they cannot eat aContinue reading “A plea from a diabetes specialist dietitian”

Diet approaches for diabetes, which diet is for me?

There are so many diets out there these days with new approaches emerging all the time. When it comes to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, the situation is very much the same. The ones you hear about today include low carb diets and the very low calorie diet or meal replacement approach. There are alsoContinue reading “Diet approaches for diabetes, which diet is for me?”

What is a Dietitian?

“Dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and wider public-health level.” – British Dietetic Association As a registered specialist diabetes dietitian, I am able to offer expert advice regarding the nutritional management of your diabetes. I also advocate for prevention and can assistContinue reading “What is a Dietitian?”

Top tips for creating a healthy meal plan on a budget

It can sometimes feel difficult to eat well when strapped for cash. Fresh fruit and vegetables can seem expensive and in these current times, some foods may also be hard to come by. This blog provides ideas to help build a simple meal plan which incorporates all the food groups that make up a healthyContinue reading “Top tips for creating a healthy meal plan on a budget”


Hello! I am Nicola, a registered dietitian with 10 years of clinical experience in the NHS across various settings including GP surgeries, community clinics and hospital wards. I am an advanced specialist in diabetes having worked with several specialist multi-disciplinary diabetes services in London. Clients refer to me as being very knowledgeable and empathetic. As aContinue reading “Introduction”

Dietary advice during COVID 19 crisis: Keeping well and promoting recovery

These are mad times we live in. I volunteered for secondment to NHS Nightingale at the ExCel centre but still no news of a start date. It was pleasing to learn that the number of patient admissions has been lower than expected which may mean my services as a dietitian in that sense are currentlyContinue reading “Dietary advice during COVID 19 crisis: Keeping well and promoting recovery”