Where to find a dietitian in London

Where to find a dietitian in London

You will find dietitians working in different areas including both the NHS and privately.  Dietitians can work in GP surgeries, hospitals, and community clinics for example. Your GP can often refer you to a NHS dietitian but this will depend on your condition and what the criteria for referral is for a particular service.

Dieticians may offer individual appointments or group sessions depending on the help needed and personal preference. You may have to join a waiting list depending on the demand.

You will find many dietitians now offering private advice online. You can get in touch to arrange a telephone or video appointment. Some dietitians have a private clinic or can arrange a home visit appointment to see you in person.

It is important to check their credentials and make sure they are a registered dietician. You can search the register at Check the Register - HCPC

Websites such as the BDA Freelance Directory will provide a full list of private practice dietitians and you can search by area.