Top tips for 2023

Top tips for 2023

A new year can bring a lot of excitement and promise, but it can also be a very anxious time. We all want to put our best foot forward at the start of January but it is important to do this without mounting the pressure

It helps to break it down into 1 overall goal for the year, what do you ultimately want to achieve and why? This can he health or diet related, but it may be broader than this, such as your work-life balance or taking up a new hobby. Be careful not to just create a list of all the wrongs you want to right this year, this is often just too overwhelming and unrealistic!

Remember that really it is just another day after all, we do not need to start everything on 1st January! The All or Nothing thinking trap can be rife at this time of year, the next few weeks can feel like ‘make or break’ but you have plenty of time

Changing habits is rarely a smooth course, and that is OK! Try to be comfortable with giving things another go, even if it is several months into the year, or halfway through a week. It is an on-going process which can be revisited at any time

Make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. If something has become a chore or an inconvenience, then it is unlikely you will continue it. For example, think about what type of exercise you enjoy and is close by, nobody wants to trek miles to an uninspiring gym!

Change your focus, avoid simply just checking the scales, calorie counting or jogging for a set time. Instead find healthy meals that take your fancy and get cooking with friends or family. Or aim for distance while jogging, see yourself get fitter and your time improve

Remember we all have off days, or life can take over for periods of time, this is OK. Try to maintain your routine, even if it is a scaled back version, it will help you to feel better and manage stress

All the best for 2023!