Time for Sleep

Time for Sleep

Many of us do not sleep well at the best of times with 1 in 3 of us suffering with insomnia.  We work long hours while juggling a busy personal life, add to that the anxiety of a pandemic, it is no wonder why many of us find it difficult to settle down at night. As you know, sleep is very important for our health in general, including our mental health and we know a lack of sleep long-term is associated with depression.  Sleep is vital for us to be able to regulate our emotions and take on the challenges of the day ahead. There are some great top tips for getting a good night’s sleep, sometimes we just need to strip things back and return to basics. Here are some ideas:

1. Turn off our mobile phones or other devices at least one hour before bed

2. Create a bedtime routine which could include a hot bath or shower, reading a book, lying out clothes for the next day, drinking a hot drink etc.

3. Keep to a regular routine and try going to sleep at the same time each night ensuring you allow enough time to wind down. This may mean outstanding tasks need to wait until the next day

4. Buy an alarm clock so you can keep your mobile phone out of the bedroom, this is very important as mobile phones have been shown to stimulate the brain and reduce sleep, we need to allow ourselves to switch off from the constant noise in our lives

5. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine.  I know many of us feel we simply do not have time for this, especially if you are looking after children or caring for others, but even if you can sit peacefully, close your eyes and clear your mind for just 5-15 minutes per day, it can put you in a much better headspace for the day

Good night!